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Characters : Bobby, Scott, John and Rogue
Location : Truck stop + Kitty's digs
Description : Finding the Rogue

John: John's car careened down the interstate. She was due to the truck stop at least half an hour ago. Damn traffic... Scott was shotgun with Bobby in the back seat. "Almost there..."

Bobby: Bobby had remained mostly silent for the whole trip, he was nervous about seeing Rogue but he wanted to be there, to make sure she was okay and very much alive. He simply nodded his head.

Scott: Scott had a hand on the dash board, "Ease on the gas, nut. You're gonna alert the cops. I know we're late, but she ain't goin no where." The seat belt allayed his fears somewhat.

John: "Not like they could catch me." A smirk rose across his face, he wasn't going to miss this opportunity, it took him damn forever to try and get even a scent of her presence.

Rogue: Rogue opened the passenger door and hopped out of the truck. The driver picked up her bag and gently tossed it to her. "Thanks for the ride." She watched the truck drive away and turned around sadly. Now where to go?

John: John stopped on the other side of the truck stop. It was a seedy place, small diner and refill station. No sign of Rogue although, "Alright, lets go find us a southern gal." John got out of the car and glanced around.

Bobby: Bobby slipped out of the back, the cold in upstate NYC, didn't even phase him as he was only wearing a pair of jeans and a tshirt before he too, took the time to look around himself.

Scott: Scott sighed, Sloppy planning He got out and walked to the diner and asked the waitress if he had scene a girl matchin Rogue's description. In a less discourteous tone that she hadn't.

Rogue: Rogue walked over to a nearby bench and sat down, placing her bag at her feet. She was tempted to pull the gloves off of her hands and let her skin breath, but there were just too many people around. Instead, she rummaged through her bag and pulled out her last single serving package of crackers and unwrapped them.

John: John looked around and pulled his lighter out. The cold was getting annoying. John growled as he walked to one of the truckers and started asking questions. None of them decided to be helpful.

Bobby: Bobby wandered away from John and Scott, running his eyes across the entire truck stop. She had to be here somewhere, he paused for a moment, glancing around.

John: "Listen pencil dick, I asked a simple fucking question...have you seen her or NOT!" John was not in the mood to be fucked around with. The three truckers seemed to take offense at the harmless statement.

Scott: Scott came out and saw John getting into a scuffle, "No, he couldn't still be that stupid." Scott groaned as he leaned against the wall and watched, waiting to intervene.

Bobby: Bobby turned his head," Goddamnit it John!" He exclaimed rather loudly.

John: John smiled as the first punch went wide and simple leapt and landed a spinning kick in his jaw. The next brute went for a tackle, a simple shoulder lift left him on his back. The last trucker got a lucky punch to the stomach, but John returned the favor with an elbow and finally a front kick to man's jewels. John spit out a little bit of blood as he straighted up. "Fuckers."

Rogue: Rogue heard someone yelling, and glanced over at the scuffle. The first thing she noticed was Scott's umistakable glasses. She stood up, eyes wide with excitement. "Bobby? Bobby!"

Bobby: Bobby's head turned," Rogue?" He shouted, turning his head and sure enough there was Rogue.

Scott: Scott shook his head, Impressive... Scott turned to look and there she was. A smile tugged at the sides of his face, one that hadn't appeared in a very long time.

John: John looked over and saw the rather covered woman, "God something out of a cheesy romance comes the slow motion coming together."

Rogue: Rogue didn't care that he had broken up with her and left or that he chose his family over her. She didn't care that Pyro was a bit of a loose cannon. She was just happy to see them. Grabbing her bag, she hurried towards them.

Scott: Scott walked over to John and looked at the three men, "You gotta start taking it easy." Scott glanced around and saw John's blood. Black? He blinked and turned back to John.

Scott: "You alright?"

Bobby: Bobby pushed a hand into his hair as Rogue suddenly appeared, he wanted to hug her but that was kind of inappropiate, he then looked to John, notice the odd blood, before shrugging it off.

John: John nodded, "Peachy, sob made me bite my tongue." John tipped his head over to Rogue. "The southern belle herself, been forever and I've spent damn near a year looking for you."

Scott: Scott let his mind work on what he had seen, but for right now. Nothing was wrong, "It's good to see you alive and healthy, Marie."

Bobby: " It's good to see you." Bobby said with a nod, shifting on his feet.

Rogue: She stopped in front of them, smiling for the first time in a year. Bobby's greeting was a little awkward. "It's great to see you guys. I was so worried about you all."

John: "I could say the same. Where have you been hiding?" John finally stood up, he was hunched over, his ribs still hurting.

Bobby: Bobby eyed John," Geez, we're going to look like a pair of twins soon." He joked for a moment.

Rogue: "I've been in Canada mostly. It's cold which works for me." She holds up her hand to indicate her gloves. "You don't look so good. Either of you. What's going on?"

Scott: "Oh, please...the last thing I need is two of EITHER of you. Let's get in the car and back to the house. I'm freezing my ass off." Scott mussed up John's hair.

Bobby: " I think it's a nice temperature." Bobby remarked with a smirk, yes, he was a smartass.

John: John smiled, and pointed to the three truckers, "Small fight. Nothing too bad." John groaned, "Had to touch the hair one eye, didn't ya." John tipped his head over to his blue skyline. "Let's go."

John: John pulled his keys out and unlocked the doors, Uh oh...sitting arrangements. John let his eyes look around quickly before getting in and figured he'd let them figure it out.

Bobby: Bobby leaned down, opening one door for Rogue and gestured for her to take a seat.

Rogue: With a small smile, Rogue squeezed past Bobby and climbed into the car. "Anyone feel like telling me where we're going?"

Scott: Scott sighed as he watched the trio, Almost like old times...but not quite. "A house we've comed to call home, it's Kitty Pryde's place."

Bobby: Bobby squeezed into the car, taking a seat but hissing visibly as something dug into his back. He cursed for a moment before pulling out a lighter," Yours?" He asked John with an exasperated expression.

John: John looked back and plucked the lighter, he laughed, "Yea, back up...just in case someone decided to try and do something in my car. I have a couple hidden throughout." John rolled a flame and made it stretch and shrink before quashing it. "Come on, you're letting the heat out, everyone in."

Scott: Scott slid in and buckled in, "Please drive like a regular psycho, so we don't get pulled over." Scott sighed taking the lighter, "No powers in public, idiot."

John: John shrugged as he started the car. He pulled away from the truck stop and sped back to the on ramp and started the drive home, "It'll be a quick drive. Traffic should be lax this direction."

Rogue: "Have these two been driving you crazy, Scott? Just like old time."

Rogue: Her smile faded as she remembered Xavier and the school. "Fire and Ice. You two aren't meant to be in the same state, let alone the same car."

Bobby: Bobby smirked lightly, arching an eyebrow," In a weird way, we balance one another out."

John: "Almost like good versus evil...guess who's which?" John flashed a smile before he melted to a scowl. He shook his head as he changed lanes, picking up a little bit of speed.

Rogue: "Sometimes it's hard to tell," Rogue answered, glancing over at Bobby. She met his eyes for a moment before turning and looking out the window,

Scott: "Keep your eyes on the road Mr. Philosopher. I don't need you two fighting." Scott gave a ragged sigh as he looked at the passing scenery.

Bobby: Bobby swallowed, well, he deserved that and for the moment, he slid his arms across his chest and looked out the window. Hurt flickered across his eyes as he shifted in his seat.

John: John weaved in and out of traffic, making easy work of the interstate. He turned off at the appropriate exit. "Almost home. I think we can put her in Storm's room while she's gone."

Rogue: "Storm is with you too? How did you all find each other? And what about Logan? Is he ok?"

Scott: Scott nodded, "Seems best." Scott put his arms over his chest, his mind going over things, It was a bit dark, but that was black fluid, and he can use his powers...not good.

Bobby: Bobby leaned forward," Scott? You didn't happen to bring any spare bandages did you?" Yes he had sprung a leak, go figure.

John: "We got lucky, Storm and I met up by accident. Logan has been in Canada for the past year. Man can sure disappear when he has to." John pulled down the street and stopped the car. "I have a kit in my trunk."

Scott: Scott pointed to John, "I think that means yes." He climbed out of the car and went to the trunk pulling out the first aid kit.

Bobby: Bobby nodded his head, which was already spinning, Sentinels could roll over and play dead for all he cared.

John: John ran over helped bobby to the back of the car. "Easy man, you really should have rested more after that little training session."

Bobby: Bobby let out a long breath," Yeah, I really need to master the art of relaxation. I think I lost it."

Scott: Scott pulled up Bobby shirt. There was some tearing, but the bleeding was minimal. He started to pull the old bandaging away as he put new padding and tape on it. He wrapped the new bandaging around his waist a few times. He kept it tight, but not uncomfortable. "Let's get inside and some coffee."

Rogue: Rogue gasped when she saw Bobby's injuries. "Bobby, my God, what happened? Who did that to you?"

Bobby: Bobby nodded his head," These?" He grimaced slightly as he replied," Sentinels."

Rogue: "Sentinels? Then I guess you're lucky. You got off easy. I haven't even seen once since that day."

Scott: Scott handed the kit back to John puttin Bobby's arm over his shoulder. "There's more, but let's get him inside before we get some suspicios looks."

John: John took it and put it back in place. He reached in and changed a container of liquid. A red was replaced with a bright yellow. He closed the trunk and pointed to the house, "Home sweet home."

Bobby: Bobby leaned against Scott," I hate being injured, it really puts a dampener on my whole being useful thing." He joked weakly, he felt like shit.

Rogue: Rogue climbed out of the car and followed the others, looking up at the house. It was nicer than anywhere she'd stayed in the last year. "I can't believe no one's found you guys yet."

Scott: Scott got to the door and unlocked it, he helped Bobby into the living room and eased him down. "We've been lucky, but I think we've been doing a good job of hiding."

John: John brought up the rear, "You're telling me, I've found all of you in the last three weeks, kinda puts a damper on the year I spent looking for you all."

Rogue: "I didn't think I wanted to be found. We all saw what happened. No one wants a repeat of that."

Bobby: Bobby relaxed into the couch, exhaling slowly," Did anyone...see how the Professor died?" He knew it was depressing but it was a question that had been on his mind.

Scott: Scott's eyes darkened under his visor as he walked into the kitchen, flashbacks assaulted him as he started the coffee maker.

John: John took a deep breath, "I think Storm was there, but I only found his body in the aftermath." His voice shaky, "It was quick, there wasn't a lot of pain." John couldn't tell them the truth.

Scott: Scott's arms were braced against the counter. He faught for control, his teeth were gritted. The images of the mansion and the professor trying to escape. He was one of the first captured, he never forgave himself for that.

Bobby: Bobby swallowed hard, letting his eyes slide shut, the entire time, he had been at home, pretending he was something he wasn't.

Rogue: Rogue quietly sat on the couch watching the others. She could tell John was lying, but she wasn't sure she wanted to know the truth. "I didn't see him at all. I was trying to get the kids out through the tunnels."

Scott: Tears started to pool at the corner of scott's eyes. He went to pound his fist against the counter, but stopped. He couldn't show them he was losing it. He needed to remain strong.

John: John breathed out, "At that time, I think I was trying to stop them from taking Magneto...and uh..." John was shaking visibly, "That's when he, threw me out the window, he told me to go warn Charle's, tell him he was right." John sighed looking up to the ceiling, fighting the tears, "But I got there too late."

Bobby: Bobby exhaled slowly," Sorry, I didn't mean to...I..just needed to know." He shrugged his shoulders and placed his face in his hands.

Rogue: Rogue clasped her hands in her lap and stared down at them. All of their lives had been destroyed that day. Even Pyro was on the verge of tears.

John: "No, Bob, it's not your fault, this was going to come up eventually. Besides, I think I owed it to you and to the rest of the school to tell you that Magneto...apologized. And that I apologize."

Rogue: Rogue looked over at John. "I wasn't surprised when you left. I was upset and felt betrayed, but I wasn't surprised."

Scott: Scott carried the four cups of coffee in. "I got hot chocolate too, if someone doesn't want this." He set the four cups on the table, "Be careful with those. Their important to Kitty."

Bobby: Bobby nodded his head, leaning forward to snatch up one cup of coffee, leaning back to take a fairly large gulp of it.

John: John swallowed hard, "I...uh...still apologize Rogue. I could have done it a bit more tactfully, rather than just abandon you." John took a shaky breath in as he reached for the coffee. He sipped at it.

Rogue: Rogue was surprised that he even apologized at all. It was something she never thought she would hear. He seemed so different now. "It's ok. Bygones, John. Little stuff like that doesn't seem important now. I just hope we can all stay on the same side from now on."

Bobby: Bobby placed the coffee cup down, just before he froze it with his hand, he felt distinctly out of place and he couldn't put a finger on why.

John: John finished the coffee and stood up, "I need to go and check on some things." John shifted uneasily on his feet. "I'll be back in the morning. I'm sure Scott's got everything covered."

Scott: Scott called from the kitchen, "Yea, just becareful alright?" Scott came back in with the pot and poured himself another cup. "You gonna be alright?"

John: John nodded, "Yea..." John nodded to Rogue and Bobby, "You guys get some rest. I don't want you going soft on me." John gave a gentle smile, something that didn't seem him as he walked to the door.

Rogue: "See you later, John. And thanks. Thanks for looking for me." Rogue leaned forward and picked up the hot cup of coffee.

Bobby: Bobby nodded his head," You too John." He shifted on the couch, before he got to his feet, sticking his head out from around the door," You okay, Scott?"

John: "No problem, belle. It's just good to see you alright." John walked out the door and got in his car. He zoomed off into the approaching night and through some alleyways.

Rogue: Rogue mistook Bobby's checking on Scott for avoidance. There was definitely noticeable tension between the two. She stood up and grabbed her bag.

Scott: Scott nodded as he turned to Bobby, he had forgotten about the cocoa, but it was just boiling water. He poured it down the sink, "Just fine, bob-o."

Bobby: Bobby nodded his head, glancing back to Rogue," Uh, want me to show you to your .. room?" He offered with a small smile.

Rogue: Rogue shrugged. "If you want. Or you can stay and talk to Scott. I can find it on my own, I'm sure."

Bobby: Hmm...boy this was going to be fun, Bobby thought to himself before he simply took the lead, might as well show her." Just showing Rogue to Ororo's room, Scott."

Scott: Scott walked back in, "I think I'm good for the night, and Bobby should get rest. Call it a night. I'll see you guys in the morning."

Scott: Scott gave Bobby a 'we've gotta talk about something' look before he gave a gentle smile.

Bobby: Bobby nodded back to Scott, registering that look before he jogged up the stairs which he knew led to Ororo's room.

Rogue: "Goodnight, Scott." Rogue turned and followed Bobby up the stairs. "You sure Storm won't mind?"

Scott: "Yea, she's not due back for a couple of more days." Scott sighed feeling a bit of that old teacher swagger come back. He missed his students, just a little.
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