Jubilee (jubilationx) wrote in xmen_rebirth,

Wanda moved through the streets like a phantom. She was alive and well, but her mind was somewhere else. Her thoughts were on the state of the mutants and those...robots, those sentinels. How could they even have that name? Sentinels were like guardians. Guardians of the Human race, maybe? Wanda snorted.

Jubilee was heading out to look for Bobby. She was lonely and quite frankly, wanted someone she really knew she could talk to. Bobby was Bobby and he was comforting to talk to. Besides, ice sculptures were cool. Jubilee was considering stopping by the market to steal some chips when she spotted Wanda heading her direction. Paling, Jubilee ducked into a nearby alley. After the little event with the robber, Jubilee had stopped by the CD store that Wanda had been working in. Apparently, Wanda had been fired and it didn't take much for Jubilee to guess why.

Wanda sighed to herself as she walked down the sidewalk. She had been job hunting for the past few days, but so far hadn't had much luck. She was going to a small grocery store now. She'd seen a help wanted sign in the window yesterday. She turned into an alley, aiming to hop the fence that divided it from the area in which the grocery store was located. She was not expecting to find Jubilee, pressed against the brick wall, watching Wanda with wide eyes. "Um...hello..." Jubilee said meekly. Wanda's eyes widened and then narrowed. Growling to herself, she stormed over to Jubilee, grabbed her wrist and pulled the girl deeper into the alley.

"Look, I'm sorry. That whole robber thing? Accident. Stupidity. Stupid accident. Forgive and forget, right?" Jubilee was rambling, she knew that, but she had seen what Wanda had done to the robber's gun. It had melted. Melted. What did that mean Wanda could do to Jubilee? Wanda raised her hand and Jubilee winced. The hand came down and slapped Jubilee across the face. Hard. Jubilee bit her lip.

"You. Got. Me. Fired." Wanda bit out, her eyes like daggers, "Do you realize how much it takes to live these days? I don't have enough money to continue living where I'm living. You have ruined my life, Jubilee!"

Jubilee hung her head in shame and then looked up hopefully, "Hey, you remembered my name. That means we're friends, right? Friends are more important than money and-" Jubilee suddenly found she couldn't continue. Wanda had her hand raised and Jubilee felt as if the air around her head had suddenly disappeared.

"Listen to me, Jubilee. We are not friends. You are annoying and quite frankly, very naive and very stupid." Wanda's hand lowered and Jubilee felt oxygen return. She took deep, gulping breaths and nodded at Wanda. Wanda continued, "Now I suggest you run along and if I ever see you again, you will sorely regret it," Jubilee stared at Wanda for a moment, but then scurried out of the alley like a scared mouse. Wanda glared at Jubilee's retreating form and then she hopped the chain link fence in the alley, heading for a potential job.
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