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Characters : Storm, Logan and John
Location : Buffalo
Description : John really needs to shut up and let the games begin

Clone!Storm glanced to Clone!Logan." He should be here shortly. Remember, infiltrate and destroy them from the inside out, divide and conquer. Cyclops is mine, Kitty is your responsbility." She smiled a strange smile, before sneering slightly," It's unfortunate you were programmed to speak like the man you were built to replace."

John was rolling around Buffalo. His information was good, but he was having a hell of a time trying to pin point them. He started squint slightly as something that could be described as a headache started to rise between his eyes. "What is this...great, I need some aspirin, no more road trips for a week after this."

The replica Logan snorted. "That's for damned sure." He grunted with an inner snarl. Strolling down a side walk in the so called "University Heights" (a slightly less prominent shithole), was more than a vague disappointment.

The clone of Storm wandered after him, tipping her head at the building, the other clone was looking at. She scowled slightly,

John started to feel the headache more and more as he drove around. He finally started to use it as a guide because it seemed to intensify, maybe it was a latent power. The ability to sense mutants. He moved through the streets and finally found University Heights. The headache seemed it's worse here, but were they here? Was he going insane?

Logan sniffed around a bit in the air, and a slow smile spread over his face. "Yep." He began to walk down the street, stopping in a rather conspicuous bus
station. "Someone's here..."

Storm turned her head, arching an eyebrow," Oh good, I was beginning to get bored." Her smug expression fell away so she looked exactly like the woman herself.

Logan sighed a little as he let his arms drop to the sides. He struck a more relaxed pose, leaned against a wall.

John walked around. His vision slightly blurry now. He stumbled into someone. "Excuse me...sorry." He moved a bit farther through the bus station. His eyes falling on Logan's relaxed form. He shook his head regaining his composure, "Logan...well well well, I'm glad to see you're as tough as nails as ever." John gave a pained smile.

Storm turned her head, quickly checking what memories she had," Hello John." She remarked smoothly, giving him a slight nod of her head, letting her arms slide across her chest.

The clone rubbed his nose with the back of his hand and sniffed a little. "What brings ya here?"

John gave a relieved sigh, "Ororo, I'm glad you two are alright. I don't know what i'd do if something had happened." John looked to Logan, "I'm here to take you guys back to NYC." John got a little confused.

Hmm...maybe they set the stupidity rating a little too high. Logan waved his hand in the air. "Eh...long trip, thought Scott was supposed to bring us back."

" I am sure Scott had other matters to attend to." Storm commented before laying a hand on Logan's arm, looking to John, the clone perfected a Storm like look," Let's just get out of here."

John waved it off, he laughed, "Yea, I didn't think seeing him right away would do you any good. Come on, let's get rolling we've got a long drive ahead of us." John turned and motioned to his car.

"Probably not." Logan agreed.

John jogged to his car and unlocked the doors. The headache was still there, but it's effects were less. It was like he got used to it being there. He let a rough sigh as he got in.

Storm wandered over taking a seat, the clone was a lot calmer than the original, after all, she was missing some memories and experiences.

Clone!Logan slouched into the chair, trying to hit the back of the seat with a harder than necessary force. It seemed as if it was something that this...man
would do.

Clone!Storm eyed the seatbelt for a moment, yes, the other her would wear it so she slipped it over herself before ..oh yes, act like an overbearing mother at times," Belts." She said simply.

John stared ahead as he put the key into the ignition. His left eyebrow lifted up out of view. Belts...the fuck... John closed his eyes as he started the car, making it seem like he did it whenever he started the car and took the moment to think on it. He shook his head, "Of course." It was nothing, she was being cautious, we don't wanna get pulled over. He locked his belt on and drove off.

Belts? Oh. Logan followed John's lead, though he didn't see the point in it

Storm leaned back into her seat, oh right, cross her legs, stop sitting like Logan himself. The clone slid her legs over one another.

John dropped the accelerator to the floor picking up speed as he got on the thruway. "So Logan, what have you been doing for the past year?" John glanced in the rearview mirror as he got on the thruway.

Shit. The clone's mind blanked as it searched, picking up no data from the past year at all. "Gone...you know...uh..." Searching...searching...searching... "Wanted to get away." That would suffice.

Storm watched the other clone as he struggled to answer the question but as he came up with his answer. She let out a breath and turned to look out the window.

John shrugged, ah the usual vague response from the loner, "Fair enough. As long as you didn't get arrested in Canada and made yourself a fugitive." John drove by rochester glancing at it's sign.His transport hadn't been available to talk the last couple of times, but she was a strong one. She'd surface eventually.

" Has there been any changes?" The replica of Storm asked, might as well check what situation they might be going into.

Logan settled back into the seat, and just let the Storm replica do the talking. She seemed to be better programmed for it.

John nodded, "Yea. Everything seems to be quiet. Although I've found out that the government as released some new sentinel models. Real nasty ones."

NofateRIT301: ((stabs john...shut up...shut up shut up))

" Really?" Storm feigned interest, resisting the immature urge to smirk as hello, those nasty sentinels sat right here in the car with him," How nasty is nasty?"

"Direct duplicates from DNA from a person or mutant. Nearly flawless, except they bleed black, and they have the memories up to the point the sample was taken. These aren't your daddies sentinels. New and improved."

" That's worrying." Storm muttered, doing her best not to roll her eyes, obviously mutants were still as stupid as ever. The clone glanced to Logan before looking rather troubled by this "news"

"Sounds like it'll be fun to tangle with 'em, huh?" Logan quipped from the backseat. He raised an eyebrow at Storm. His behaviorial program didn't dictate
that he needed to be "troubled" right now.

John looked between the two quickly, "Why are you two so..." John snapped forward as he blushed visibly, "Oh..." He started to giggle like a school girl with a secret.

Uh...what was she supposed to do now? Processing..processing..FUCK..coming up with BLANK...her program didn't tell her how to deal with giggling and blushing young men.

"You guys didn't...hehe...ya know..." John threw a sly grin to the both of them as he turned back to the road. He now had a full blown smile, Just wait till the others hear about this.

Did boys giggle? Logan simply stared at John. Program called for a punch to the face, but that was thwarted by his logic drive, which explained promptly to the sentinel that the driver of the car must remain concious.

" Excuse me?" Storm asked suddenly, logic dicated to her, that it would be best to ask, even if she didn't really want to know.

John threw a look to her, "What, i'm not speaking another language here. Did you two...ya know...have a little romp in the hay? Gave it a go? Eh? Eh? Nudge Nudge wink wink...say no more, say no more."

...the hell? Logan leaned back and closed his eyes. There was no apparent protocol for this kind of reaction.

The sentinel eyes widened and blinked, she was sure the real Storm would blush, and soshe did before commenting very calmly," We did do no such thing." It was not true and her program told her that the original would not admit to something like that unless it was in fact true and it was to someone she was close to. But really, what was this boy thinking and did all boys giggle like that?

John gave a simple "Oh...sorry." John laughed to himself. We're they always this bad at lying. John mused to himself as he drove down the dark highway. The dark mountains whizzing past him.
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