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Characters: Scott and Sentinel Storm
Location: Storm's room
Description: On his mind...

Sentinel Storm: The duplicate of Storm had spent most of the evening in a room which apparently the other her lived in, it seemed okay, it was clean for one thing which was unexpected. She felt sorry for her fellow clone, having to talk like the imbecilic human he was built to replace, she was simply glad hers had a vocabulary at least. She really had grown tired of these dull shorts and t-shirt and had found a vest and another pair of shorts, silk surprisingly, who would have thought it and it would also seem, this woman had managed to keep a blue silken robe safe so she made good use of it, no point letting it go to waste and she was currently doing as her program dictated, she was going to talk to others but for now she was practicing her sincere face in a nearby mirror.

Scott: Scott took a deep breath as he moved through the small house. Things had reached a calm. John was gone of course, it was day time, you'd think he was a vampire or something. Scott shrugged as he walked to Storm's door. He knocked wondering if he should. Maybe Logan was in there, he would have to talk to him eventually. "Ororo, it's me."

Sentinel Storm: That voice caused her eyes to blink as she scanned through her files, a smile tugged her lips upwards Scott Summers She looked back at herself, exhaling, she could do this, sure she could. She quickly moved away from the mirror and took a seat, trying to look as relaxed as she could, snatching up a book, she curled into a chair and called," Come in."

Scott: Scott opened the door and slipped in, "I'm sorry to come in unexpected..." Scott froze for a second taking in her attire. He blinked a couple of times before shaking himself loose of his mind. "Sorry, uh...I'm glad you made it back alright. I was getting worried when John said you were late in communicating with him." Scott shrugged as he took a seat on her bed.

Sentinel Storm: Storm offered him a small smile," Yes, we ran into a few travelling problems. I said go this way and Logan said no, my nose says this you can imagine, things went down hill from there."

Scott: "Well, I'm glad Logan hasn't lost his metal." Scott threw back a small smile as his mind brought the ideas of John again. She was Ororo, her friend, he could bring this up with her and it wouldn't be weird. "Storm, did John brief you on the new sentinels?"

Sentinel Storm: Storm nodded her head, looking concerned as she did, her legs shifted as she turned in the chair, "Yes he did, I must say, it was rather....worrying news."

Scott: Scott's eyes darkened behind his glasses, "Indeed, did he tell you how they could be found out? The blood, the missing memories and all that." Scott was still unsure about all this and it showed by how he talked. Something was bothering him.

Sentinel Storm: " He mentioned a few of those." The replica tipped her head to the side," Is something on your mind, Scott?"
Scott: Scott nodded, "I can't be sure because I don't know how well of a look I got, but John spit blood out a couple of days back. It didn't look red." Scott sighed feeling like he just lost all the air in his lungs, he was accusing the one man of bringing them all back together. Reuniting him with his family.

Sentinel Storm: Really now? The replica's program was to use whatever she could to make sure that these mutants were destroyed and if she could get them to do it themselves, then all the better. She shifted on the chair, resting her arms across her knee, clasping her hands together," So, you believe he's one of these new sentinels? If that is so, then why has he brought us all back together I wonder." It was going to take time, she couldn't just go around accusing people, that wouldn't be too Storm like, or at least her behavioral program told her that much.

Scott: Scott shook his head like he had been hit. "" Scott finally shook loosed, "I don't know Ororo. I mean the sentinels are not supposed to be able to utilize a mutant's powers, yet he can, but then that means the Sentinels can and they can use our own powers against us...." Scott took a deep breath, "I'm sorry, I'm rambling like an idiot. I can't even be sure it was black."

Sentinel Storm: Storm rose to her feet, moving to rest her hand on his shoulder, trying not to flinch too much at the contact," It's alright Scott." She then crouched in front of him, looking up at him, offering him a very small smile," It's better to be safe than sorry, Scott, perhaps you should talk to John about this?"

Scott: Scott's brow drew together at her touch, she was still the same Ororo. He looked her in the eyes. "Yea, but I have to talk to Bobby first. He was there too. He could confirm what I saw at least, and least help me make sure." Scott's mind was still going a mile a minute about all this, but Ororo was helping. "Did you notice anything weird about him?"

Sentinel Storm: " He appeared to be experiencing a headache when he picked us up and it was very strange, he knew where to pick us up despite me, not giving him a specific location." Storm pondered out loud, her blue eyes slipped to the window, looking lost in thought.

Scott: Scott's mind started to play with the new information and put it in with all the other evidence. He breathed in deeply, and exhaled letting his arms slump. "That's interesting news. I...uh...don't know just yet 'Ro. Just...if you're around him...avoid the subject. Try and gather evidence when you talk to him, discretely. See if he acts weird or something. Ya know?" Scott looked at her with a quirked eyebrow.

Sentinel Storm: Storm nodded her head," I’ll try my best but we act a little weird these days." She shrugged lightly, moving a hand to squeeze one of his slumping arms.

Scott: Scott stood up, he gave her a light smile as he moved to hug her, "Thanks for listening. I appreciate it."

Sentinel Storm: Storm wondered what the other her would have done, she located what this gesture meant and affiliated it with hug, and she rather awkwardly returned the hug, they didn't teach hugging in Sentinel school.

Scott: Scott moved away sensing some uneasiness. He walked to her door, "I'll see you later, 'Ro. If you need anything let me know."

Sentinel Storm: " I will, I promise." She remarked with a small smile.

Scott: Scott walked out of her room, a darker cloud of doubt now circled his mind as he headed back into the living room. He walked to the window and looked at the skies above wondering if he was doing the right thing.
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