No Longer A Kitten (shadowclaws) wrote in xmen_rebirth,
No Longer A Kitten

A Cat's Work Is Never Done

She hadn't heard from a few of the kids on her list in a few days and she was getting concerned. It wasn't like them to completely disappear and with the way things were in the world right now...well, better not to think like that.

Kitty shook her head as she started down the dark street. No one but her knew about several of the hiding places---not even those that she had always trusted. In order to get some of these kids to trust her, she had had to give her word to tell nobody where she went from time to time.

She stopped under a streetlight and turned to look behind her. She had thought she heard something, but she didn't see anyone behind her.

"You're becoming paranoid, Kit-Kat," she whispered softly as she continued down the street.

She really wanted to get this over with and start the long journey back to her place.
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