St. John Allerdyce (scortcher) wrote in xmen_rebirth,
St. John Allerdyce

Characters: John and Emma
Location: Street
Description: a chance meeting

John: John was dressed simply, blue jeans, a pair of sneakers, t-shirt and black trench coat. He left his car in a parking garage, well, an abandoned warehouse. He sighed feeling discontent, it had been quiet. He was worried about Ororo and Logan, but he shrugged it off and continued walking the street. He was lost in thought and suddenly was jarred out of them as he bumped into something.

Emma: Emma was on her cellphone, purse loosely gripped in her hand when someone bumped into her and knocked both out of her hand. The cell phone battery went skidding along the pavement. "God dammit, watch where you're going." She stopped to pick up the contents of her purse which had spilled all around her white, spike-heeled pumps.

John: John turned looking at the woman, "Geez, sorry. Stuff's on my mind. What's your problem?" John threw back with taste of disdain. He turned and just missed the light to cross the street. "Great."

Emma: "Yeah, rough day, you missed the light. Your clutziness just cost me a multi-million dollar deal." She watched as the boy didn't even offer to help her pick up her belongings. "Well, since you have time now, you can fetch my cell phone battery."

John: John glanced around, no one was on the street. Quiet night. John sighed, Time to scare a normal John smiled as pulled his lighter out. A flame shot out and grabbed the battery. It moved to the woman, John with a disdainful smirk for the normal. The battery floated in mid-air with a flame cradiling it. "Here."

Emma: Emma merely watched the charade with a tight lipped smirk. "How very juvenile and not the least bit impressive." She took the battery. "You must be Pyro."

John: John turned to the woman, he was surprised but didn't wear it. "Interesting, you're not a normal. The name's John. I don't exactly run as Pyro anymore." John walked over to the woman and looked at her, "And you are?"

Emma: Emma snapped her battery back into place. "I'm Emma Frost. I've been looking for you. Well, not you specifically. Where is the rest of your underachieving group?"

John: "You seem pretty in the know, for human poser. What's your angle? Or do you think that I'm too childish to know." John tipped his head forward and looked at her through the top of his eyes.

Emma: "I have endless connections. I'm always in the know. But it seems that Magneto was more correct than any of us wanted to admit. I now find myself dangerously close to the outskirts of society and I want to know what you intend to do about it."

John: John's eyes flashed when she said the name, "It looks like you're not as close as I am. Right now, I don't intend to do much, except to survive. Then when I have the power...ahem, excuse me. When Xile has enough power...To bring mutants back into society, and hopefully get that damn registration act repealed. Fucking Stryker."

Emma: "So that's the grand plan? Sit and wait? No, no, that won't do. Who's in charge of your little operation? Is it Summers?"

John: John was starting to lose patience, "If you think you're so god damned smart, I suggest you stop by one day and see what the hell we can do. Right now, the safest thing for mutants, ones without the resources to be safe, should stay low and out of sight. Especially the fugitives."

Emma: "Fine, I'll call your bluff. Let me talk to Summers. We plan a course of action that will actually benefit mutants. I refuse to hide. That implies some wrong doing on our part."

John: John's jaw clenched tight, "Here." John pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to her. "Tomorrow, anytime, Scott's home, always. Doesn't exactly blend in well."

Emma: Emma took the piece of paper. "No time like the present." She tucks it into her pocket. "Where are you off to in such a rush?"

John: John chuckled, "Actually, I'm looking for mutants to recruit. Not exactly as easy as this, but I got a promise to keep, the ones that can't or won't fight, I get out of the country. They're safer."

Emma: "Ah, run for the hills. That will solve everything." She pulled her keys out of her pocket and disarmed the white Porsche parked a few yards away. "Sure you don't want to come along? It should be interesting."

John: John shook his head, "My car is tucked away safely, and is faster than yours. I'll catch you later." John turned and ran across the street, diving in front of a speeding taxi. "Later Frost!" John shouted as he turned right and headed off.

Emma: Emma shook her head as she watched him run off. "So foolish," she quietly chided, also mentally sending the message to him. She got into her car and sped off towards the address John had given her.
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