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Alright, so...the burst of inspiration and efficiency has hit me again. >< I swear everyone here...I'm very sorry.

NOW to the SL's at hand....

Sent!Wolvy and Kitty: Fast forward has been agreed to by both parties...(Thank you Lisa, Thank you Mylia... I <3 both for your understanding)
Result: Kitty is now kidnapped and held by the government. The rescue will be following...

Following this...

FULL ON SENTINEL ATTACK on X-ile homebase.

Now see THIS POST. EVERYONE better start watching it...that's where the forum run of this is going to happen. So, here is what I'm saying. Get your characters, get your inspiration, and get your BUTT'S to that thread and SET THEM UP. The call has been made, so their on their way. EVERYONE is invited...from Frost to Wanda...only those who are indisposed, kitty, real storm, and real wolvy, are exempt, for duh reasons. If i've missed anyone...let me know. Set them up...or move them into place. Then it's fun time. Do what you want and interact with others...but get ready for hell.
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