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Awake and Alone

When she woke up, finally, the first thing Kitty was aware of was pain in her head. She opened her eyes and sat up, and regretted it immediately. The world swayed as Kitty tried to focus on her surroundings.

Where was she?

She looked around slowly and saw mostly white. When her vision cleared, she saw that she was in some sort of hospital room. She lifted a hand to move her hair out of her eyes and stopped, staring in confusion. Both of her hands were swathed in bandages.

What the hell was going on? Where was she?

The last thing she remembered she had been talking with Logan and...

Kitty moaned and lowered her head.

It had been just the two of them on the street and there had been no attack or anyone else come past them so that meant...

Tears sprung to Kitty's eyes.

That meant Logan had betrayed her. Whatever had happened to her, Logan had been responsible for.

Kitty tried to stand, only to sit back down very quickly. Whatever had been done to her had apparently either made her ill...or they were giving her drugs to keep her from escaping.

Kitty tried to clear her head of the fog. She had to get out of here, had to warn the others.

She had to get out and get to Scott. Between the two of them they could figure out what to do.

Kitty stood up and had only made it a few steps to towards the door when pain stabbed through her head and she crumpled to the floor.

"God, this is worse than my migraines," she whispered as she stared towards the door with teary eyes. "I am so going to kick that Canadian's ass when I get out of here."

She couldn't figure out what hurt worse, her head and being locked up somewhere...or the fact that it was her mentor that was responsible for this. The man whom she had been trained by and whom she adored...had betrayed her and handed her over to God knows who.
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