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This RP will take place directly after the second movie, Jean has been lost to the X-Men and most especially to Scott. They attempt to trudge on through life without her, struggling to overcome the obstacles in their path. Unfortunately the times are dark and the road is long and hard. Humanity's ignorance has led to a new law being passed, the retrieval of mutants at ALL costs. The X-Men and the Brotherhood are no more, both were attacked and scattered. In a horrifying turn of events, both Charles Xavier and Magneto lost their lives. Mutants turn on one another, trying to fight for survival in a world that hates their very existance.

Contact Information For The Moderators

Mands aka _windrider_ << Mod Mod!

AIM : mandsangelfox OR MSN : choka54@hotmail.com

John aka scortcher << Co Mod!

AIM : NofateRIT301

Characters Taken

Storm - _windrider_ aka Mands : AIM : mandsangelfox/electrikblueskye
Pyro - scortcher aka John : AIM : NofateRIT301
Logan - __jackass__ aka Lisa : AIM : DissonantOvrtone
Jean - _born_in_fire_ aka Kat : AIM : Alderwitch
Jubilee - jubilationx aka Maggie : AIM : Onceuponafox
Bobby - frozen_blood aka Mands : AIM : mandsangelfox/electrikblueskye
Scott - oneredeye aka John : AIM : NofateRIT301
Wanda - hexed_life aka Maggie : AIM : Onceuponafox
Magik - thedarkchylde aka Mylia : AIM : MagikXMoonstar
NPC Journal - rebirth_npc aka Mands/John : AIM : mandsangelfox/NofateRIT301
Kitty - shadowclaws aka Mylia : AIM : XXShadowcatXX
Rogue - _rogue_marie_ aka Stacey : AIM : roguedarla
Frost - queen_emma aka Stacey : AIM : roguedarla

Original Characters

Oni - boundbypower aka Mands : AIM : mandsangelfox/electrikblueskye

To add the various journals to your friends list, please go to the : Friend Add List

Characters Needing Players

Good Guys

Hank McCoy : Beast
Remy LeBeau : Gambit
Kurt Wagner : Nightcrawler
Piotr Rasputin : Colossus
Samuel Guthrie : Cannonball
Rahne Sinclair : Wolfsbane
Pietro : Quicksilver

Bad Guys

Victor Creed : Sabretooth
Cain Marko : Juggernaut
Raven Darkholme : Mystique

There has been no character limit set but if a player cannot handle more than one character, then that is the amount they will have. The above characters are the one we are looking to fill first, any new character suggestions are welcomed. So if there isn't a character on a list you would like to play, then please feel free to contact a moderator about bringing in a new mutant.

If you are having any difficulties with characters, this link may be of help to you : Marvel Directory

This is also another helpful link : Good Place To Look

If you wish to apply for any of the above positions then please fill this out :

Your name :
Email :
Age :
Character's name :
Character's appearance :
Character's personality :
Character's background :
Sample journal entry in your character's pov (Can be 3rd or 1st person pov

And send it to : choka54@hotmail.com


These are encouraged and welcome! Lord knows I love romance but a few fundamentals :

NC-17 is allowed BUT if you do plan on posting, please post it behind a cut and place a WARNING on it. As some people in the roleplay might not want to see that.

Slash friendly but please try and keep it realistic

The Journals Themselves

xmen_rebirth - This is the main community, a place for us to discuss what will be happening in the roleplay. Post OOC character stuff and to post any live RPG sessions you might have done, or if there are any updates/changes to the storyline.

Personal Journals(Eg. _windrider_ ) - These are used to post your characters thoughts, feelings or whatever might be happening with them. Players are encouraged to interact via comments to people's journals.

People often get into arguments over how to post, whether they should do it in first person point of view or third person point of view. Personally I use first person point of view in personal entries but third person in replies I make to posts. So it's entirely up to you how you post your entries.

Oh yes if you wish for your character to have any PRIVATE thoughts then simply use a cut.

This should help : Basic FAQ

The Actual Roleplaying

This will take place mainly in AIM/MSN windows, giving the characters chances to interact with one another on a more quick paced and fun level.

Any live RPG sessions you have taken part in should be posted in xmen_rebirth behind a LJ cut describing what it is exactly.

A Few Rules

Like any good roleplay community out there, there has to be a few little rules. They are as follows :

Please treat one another with RESPECT and if you have any problems regarding someone else in the roleplay or have a problem with how the story is going, then please take it to the moderator

Any ideas on the storyline or possible character changes, then talk to the moderator.

The character you play is your own, any changes or differences you would like to do then go ahead. Just try to stick to the basics of the character and not alter them TOO radically that in the end it would be unbelievable.

You MUST post regularly, if this doesn't happen, your claim to your character may well be non existant

If there are any problems with you, or you refuse to take part. You will be asked to leave.

This is a definite MUST BE..every character is important to the roleplay and storyline so don't hog the limelight all to yourself, give other people the opportunity to shine.